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What is the PROMI association


The purpose of the PROMI association is to participate in information, training, teaching and popularization actions, for professionals or the general public, in order to promote imaging methods or techniques in the medical, preclinical, life sciences or industrial and technical fields.

It can also participate in meetings between different partners, participate in the development of information media within the framework of this promotion, as well as ensure an advisory function.

We'll tell you all about imaging, we PROMIse!

Founding members

Daniel VETTER, president.

Member of the MRI commission of the AFPPE***.

Part-time teacher at IMRT**, Strasbourg Academy.

Part-time teachercontinuing education at the University of Strasbourg.

Pierre-Emmanuel ZORN, secretary.

Head of the MRI commission of the AFPPE***.

Hospital Engineer, Imaging Department, University Hospitals of Strasbourg.

Part-time teacher at IMRT**, Strasbourg Academy.

Philippe CHOQUET, treasurer.

Senior Lecturer - Hospital practitioner, Preclinical Imaging - Imaging Dept., Biophysics & Nuclear Medicine, University Hospitals of Strasbourg.

ICube – UMR 7357, CNRS, University of Strasbourg.

Laboratory for Adaptable MRI Technology
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel, Switzerland.

Jean-Philippe DILLENSEGER, founding member.

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Maieutics and Health Sciences - University of Strasbourg. ICube Lab | UMR 7357 University of Strasbourg - CNRS.

Member of the scientific college of the AFPPE***.

Elisabeth MOERSCHEL, founding member.

Former Teacher at IMRT**, Strasbourg Academy.

Elisabeth VETTER, founding member.

Former RT*.

Claudine ZORN, founding member.

Teacher at IMRT**, Strasbourg Academy. 
Member of the scientific college of the AFPPE***.

* Radiologic Technologist.

** Imagerie médicale et radiologie thérapeutique.

*** Association française du personnel paramédical d'électroradiologie.


Members or contributors





Pauline BELEY


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