mri acronyms

MRI acronyms : cross-vendor comparison

On the basis of data collected from the main manufacturers present on the French MRI market, we offer you a classification of the different sequences and options present in this field.

This classification is based on the fundamental and specific physical principles of MRI

Its purpose is to be a teaching aid in learning MRI thanks to the scheduling of data in the form of families. It is also used as a tool for exchange and communication between MRI professionals by highlighting equivalences from one manufacturer to another.

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Precautions for use

There may be sequence diagram variations that do not allow for a perfect comparison of acronyms. It is the same for the options for which there may be technical variants between manufacturers for similar acronyms. 



Thanks to Anne BASSALI-GUILLERM for initiating these tables a few years ago. Thanks to the contacts at the various manufacturers for their precious help, in particular Christophe BARLES, Patrice COUDRAY, Raphaël PETAZZONI, Sébastien SAVARD.D.

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