mri translation guide

MRI translation guide 

MRI is a complex exploration technique. Above all, it requires great precautions to be taken when caring for the patient. Remember that this is a sensitive environment, the magnet being permanently active, even when no acquisition sequence is in progress and even when the device is "off" (the acquisition console).

The difficulty of taking care of the patient is therefore necessarily accentuated when the latter is a foreigner.

A few years ago, we therefore decided to create a guide for the care of foreign patients in MRI (Priscilla Geiger, Daniel Vetter - see the corresponding article in the bibliography bibliographie page).

First available in paper format, this guide provides answers to questions related to patient safety or preparation: explanations of the procedure for the examination, undressing, preparation for an injection of contrast medium, verification of countermeasures. directions.

And in different languages!

But above all, we wanted to create a digital medium to distribute this guide. Indeed, this makes it possible to bring together all the languages ​​in the same interface and to add a voice translation when reading is complicated for the foreign patient.

As a test, we offer you a first English translation of our guide which we have called "IRM lingua"

Other languages ​​will gradually follow. The guide is available as a web application that can be read on any platform (computer, digital tablet, smartphone) the site being "responsive", i.e. it adapts to all screen resolutions .

But then you need an internet connection. It is also available in the form of a digital book (epub format) which can then be consulted without being connected to the internet.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion on the presentation and use of this first translation of the guide so that we can improve it (contact form).

Display the application website (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Download the digital book.

To read it, use Kotobee Reader (free) which allows you to display it perfectly.

Here you will find the download links for Windows, MacOS, Android (Google Play) or iOS (Apple Store).