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A subject that is particularly close to our hearts is pedagogy. We will therefore provide here information on original or innovative educational tools that may be of interest to our readers.

Educational tools based on simulation

Franck DOIDY, teacher (DTS IMRT), and his colleague Jean-François ANNE, teacher at the University of Caen-Normandy, are developing innovative educational tools based on simulation. You can discover their project at the following address:


They also produced a video presenting the CT console simulator they designed. This video can be viewed at:


These tools are used during Tutorials during which students must carry out X-rays, scanographic explorations or spin-echo MRI sequences. These simulators also serve as a support for the evaluation of student knowledge, throughout their training, through professional simulations. They allow learners to take stock of their achievements in an environment close to their future working conditions.

For more information you can consult the publications presenting these tools:

- Doidy F, Anne JF (2018). Un simulateur avec des « serious games » pour comprendre les bases physiques de la tomodensitométrie. Bull. Un. Phys. 112 (1009) : 1345-1357
- Doidy F, Anne JF (2018). Apprendre à réaliser une radiographie à l’aide d’un simulateur numérique. J3eA, 17(2018): 0001. DOI:
- Doidy F, Anne JF (2017). Apprendre à faire fonctionner un tube à rayons X à l'aide d'un simulateur. Bull. Un. Phys. 111 (992) : 371-379
- Doidy F, Anne JF, Memin C (2017). Formation et évaluation des acquis des étudiants à l'aide d'un simulateur de console de remnographie. Le manipulateur d’imagerie médicale et de radiothérapie 270: 24-28
- Doidy F, Memin C, Anne JF (2016). Simulateur de console scanner pour la formation et l’évaluation des acquis des étudiants. Le manipulateur d’imagerie médicale et de radiothérapie 259: 20-24.

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You can contact the authors at the following address:

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